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  • License type: Shareware
  • Version: 6.8
  • Date Updated: 2011-11-19
  • Developer: Endi

Ultra Core Protector 6.8 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Most people love to play online multiplayer games every now and then but some players are addicted to the point of cheating with cheat codes. This can ruin an entire game for other players but luckily there is the Ultra Core Protector to prevent this from ever happening in the first place.

The Ultra Core Protector is easy to use and it makes it easy for you to play some of the most popular games online without ever having to deal with a cheater. This brings back the great gaming experience that we used to have before cheat codes began being used.

This tool works with several different games and most of them are very popular. Some of the games that this anti-cheat tool works with includes Half-Life, Counterstrike and Condition Zero, but there are also many more compatible games.

Ultra Core Protector (UCP) - is a free anti-cheat client-server software for server protection from unscrupulous players. UCP AntiCheat supported games: Half-Life, Condition Zero, Counter-Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat, Adrenaline Gamer, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike Source, MuOnline.

System Requirements:

Pentium III, RAM 128MB

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ucpsetup.exe exe 5.69MB 6.8 N/A Windows Download
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